We now accept reservations for Local and Foreign Pharmacy Review

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Why will I choose Brex Pharmacy Review? Brex Pharmacy Review is the leading pharmacy review provider in the...
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Welcome to Brex site!

Brex Pharmacy Review, the leading pharmacy review provider in the country today! The only institution with recognized Foreign Pharmacy Review Program by the Commission on Higher Education.

Brex offers different review programs in pharmacy licensure examinations locally and internationally with different branches here and abroad. The first to deliver the latest and updated curriculums in its most innovative way.


March 13, 2012
Brex is offering Special 2 week review for Foreign Examination this on April 11- 24. This program is specially designed for Overseas Filipino Pharmacists and pharmacists from the province as we are also offering accommodation near our center. Regular weekend review for Foreign Pharmacy will resume this July.

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May 22, 2010
Brex Pharmacy Review launches its new program for Foreign Pharmacy Review starting July 10, 2010. As we continue to deliver innovative, quality and reliable review program, Foreign Pharmacy Review will now be conducted four times a year starting in the months of January, April, July and October for two months every Saturdays and Sundays. The new program focuses on the latest and up to date topics included in your preferred foreign pharmacy examination. New subjects and number of hours as well as New Highly Qualified Professional Lecturers will be part of this upgrade. More branches aside from Manila will also open regularly starting in Cebu, Baguio and Davao this July 2010. Live lectures to be broadcast internationally will be available starting January 2011. Overseas Filipino Pharmacists interested in taking equivalency examination in USA, Australia and Canada can now benefit in this another first from Brex.

Likewise, another first from Brex, a new Local Pharmacy Review program will be launched this June 2010 changing the traditional program for pharmacy graduates taking the Pharmacists Licensure Examination. Surely, this will set a new standard in the Local Pharmacy Review Program in our country today.